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IOS/iPhone App Development

Apple's mobile operating system, iOS is a standard bearer like all of their products. iOS is unique because the technology powering the software is a different platform all by itself. Apple's commitment towards setting new benchmarks shows clear reflection in iOS. The design, usability, functionality and vision of the software combined with the aesthetics of the phone has set it miles apart from its competitors. The flawless integration of the iOS software with the phone hardware is able to please the toughest of niche customers with varying user biases.

  • Engage
  • Define
  • Implement
  • Inspect
  • Deploy

ConcaveTech has been successfully providing unmatched outsourcing solutions in several mobile enterprise applications and consumer applications for iPhone/iPod and iPad users. ConcaveTech iPhone team is specialized in providing rich mobile applications using the iPhone SDK.

A proven engagement and delivery system coupled with a team that has a diverse skillset and PMs who have done extensive business in the US and Europe gets you e´╗┐xperience and quality, now!

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