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Welcome to Concave Tech, we have over 12 years of expertise.

Backend Development

We understand that no two applications are same. Every application is unique and comes with its own set of opportunities and technological challenges. And hence arising the need to be technology agnostic under the given circumstance. We have been successful in taking on these differences in technical requirement and delivering the app which not only meets the client's expectations but also meets their business needs.
One of the primary components of any mobile application of today is it Android or iPhone App is the need to have a scalable, robust and secure backend. Hence we at Concavetech have built expertise around these capabilities in mobile backend and integration of it with the front end.

  • Engage
  • Define
  • Implement
  • Inspect
  • Deploy

A proven engagement and delivery system coupled with a team that has a diverse skillset and PMs who have done extensive business in the US and Europe gets you e´╗┐xperience and quality, now!

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