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Android App Development

With Android market share crossing 80% globally, Android continues to maintain its dominant position in the market. With this increased popularity, Android has become a need rather than the luxury for businesses. Though Mobile application like Android Apps becoming a critical component of any business irrespective of the size of it, the complexity involved in developing the app is also increasing. From different sizes of Device screens with introduction of new Smartphones and Tablets to the deprecation of underlying APIs to the introduction of new APIs and many others, calls for a company specialized in this domain.

  • Engage
  • Define
  • Implement
  • Inspect
  • Deploy

ConcaveTech offers Mobile Application development for Android Platform. Our Developers have vast experience in mobile application Development using Java language and Android framework. We have expertise in creating android applications, testing in a simulator, and porting to mobile devices.

A proven engagement and delivery system coupled with a team that has a diverse skillset and PMs who have done extensive business in the US and Europe gets you e´╗┐xperience and quality, now!

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